Mar 26, 2010

Men in Kilts!

The kilt is a knee-length garment with pleats at the rear, originating in the traditional dress of men and boys in the Scottish Highlands of the 16th century.

Although the Scottish kilt is most often worn mainly on formal occasions or at Highland games and sports events, it has also been adapted as an item of fashionable informal, and formal, male clothing in recent years.

Here’s tracking a few daring, “completely secure with their masculinity” men who carry off the kilt like a dream!

Ed Westick might be the bad boy of Gossip Girl, but he's got a heart of gold and a sassy strut as he worked the runway in a kilt at the 2009 “Dressed to Kilt” fashion show

The original Scottish boy Gerard Butler!

However, NO ONE can pull off a Kilt as Marc Jacobs. Loved him in the Scottish Kilt at the end of his Marc by Marc Jacobs show in New York & the powerful black kilt – white shirt at the MJ show. Here is a man who dares to be different and always lands on his feet; hands down! Definitely trust mine and (my man’s) wardrobe to him!
……Oh and did I mention how yummy he looks ;))) sigh!

…wonder If the Kilt will ever catch up in India…? Or are the Men too old school to try anything so daring…?


  1. Somehow just seems too girlie :) Like hairbands and ironed hair on men

  2. Its a type of hritik in Jodha Akbar potrayed a dress culture (very close to kilts) that was donned by men of that era.....I am sure you would agree it wasnt looked upon as girlie....
    so ultimately what count is what times we are in and what is accepted...that was my last point...Indians arent ready for such high fashion..However I do believe it could pick up.

  3. AnonymousMay 29, 2010

    We have Kilts in India too you know..They are caled Lungis but I bet I wont see you running after men in lungis ;) Cheers - NK

  4. Kilts are sexy. There, enough said.